Are you stuck?

Are you frustrated and don’t know how to proceed?

Feeling like maybe your writing isn’t good enough?

Do you lack support?

Writing a novel or an e-book can be a laborious task and a lonesome one, too. It can be difficult to stay motivated when something isn’t going right, or you don’t know how to proceed.

Then, you start to doubt whether you can follow through. It’s a well-worn path that you are on. Take heart. This is where a few sessions with a writing coach can work wonders.

  • Guidance—You’ll be asked questions that will help find your own answers to whatever is troubling you
  • Motivation—You’ll get pep talks and suggestions for keeping to your goal
  • Accountability—An accountabili-buddy is a powerful tool in becoming a writer that produces and is profitable

Getting a once a week, 30-minute phone call from your writing coach will make you feel so much better.