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Hello, Writing Colleague,


Essentials for Writers.com was founded on the idea that writers should have the tools and the knowledge available to them that will enhance and inspire the writer’s journey.

I started to write my first paranormal romance, This Time, in mid-2012. I published it in June 2014. During that time I had to:
• find a laptop (I started with pen and paper)
• find word processing software (my cheap laptop didn’t come with MS Word)
• research editors and publishers (both do-it-yourself and real people)
• how to format a manuscript
• how to write queries
• and all the rest that writing a book entails all while writing my story
It was a lot of extra work, and the information was scattered everywhere.


I wanted more time to write and to not waste time, and I want the same for you.
Helping writers achieve–
Writing is work. We love it. We wouldn’t want to be doing anything else. Every writer needs certain things to hone their skills and make writing doable, efficient, and fun. And then, it’s time to make money from these skills.
I know, I’ve been there.

Hi, I’m Melissa Abbott, author, writer, freelance copywriter and I’m pleased to meet you and help you achieve writing success!

Making money as a writer can be difficult, but with a money-making website you can write and earn money. Below, you’ll find what I think are the essentials of making you a happy writer. And then, turn your writing into a profitable business.

The Happy Writer Needs:

Scheduled Writing Time which requires a planner, calendar, phone app nag or whatever it’s going to take to make you commit.
Pen and Notebook because old school is a different way to learn and remember and it just might save your butt if something happens to the electronic gadgets.
The Electronic Gadgets like your laptop, iPad, iPhone or Android to make your writing digital so it can be formatted, sent, saved, organized, etc.
Plotting Time which is different than writing time. It’s the analytical side of the brain, not the creative half. It will help you immensely to get where you need to go with your writing.
Thinking Time usually happens in the shower when there’s no pen and paper handy. Keep them in the vanity. Other popular thinking times are right before you fall asleep or right when you wake up. Keep a notebook and pen on your nightstand, on the floor next to you or in your bed with you like me 🙂
Reading Material both on learning the craft of writing and the stuff you like to read. It keeps you learning.
Support of family and friends is great, but I’m talking about mingling, conversing and debating with other writers. It’s invaluable.
A Space of Your Own to Write is something that will make or break you. Too many distractions and it’s over before it ever really got started. Don’t forget to surround yourself with inspirational elements there, too, whatever that may be.
• And, of course, Inspiration through living life’s experiences. Explore, take notes, meet people, and create.

Build a Profitable Website:
Today’s writers need an online presence. Whether you are a novelist, short story writer, copywriter, or freelancer, you’ll need a website.
What if you could have all the help you’ll need in one place and host your WordPress site there as well?
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A professional looking website is possible to create by yourself, even if you don’t have a whole lot of tech knowledge.

Again, Essentials for Writers.com was founded on the idea that writers should have the tools and the knowledge available to them that will enhance and inspire the writer’s journey. With us, you can become a more productive and profitable writer!

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Comments, suggestions, and questions are always welcome. Feel free to contact me at melissa@essentialsforwriters.com or click here to check out Wealthy Affiliate.