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Hello, My Writing Colleague,

There are lots of choices out there for tools that can speed up and help your writer’s journey. The tools listed below are the ones I have used and personally recommend for writing, editing, and self-publishing. They are in no particular order. Click on the individual tabs in the drop-down menu to see each of these in greater detail.

  • Microsoft Word/Office: A widely excepted word processor
  • New Novelist: Where you can write and organize all your notes in one spot
  • Grammarly: A self-editing software
  • The Hemingway App: Checks the grade level, adverbs, wordiness, and passive voice of your writing
  • The Kindle Kid’s Book Creator: Build your book inside it, and it will format it to Kindle
  • PublishXpress: Converts .docx and more to ePub and Mobi files
  • Sigil: ePub editing software
  • Photoshop: Authors can best use this for photo dpi conversion

If you have any questions, feel free to ask and email me at melissa@essentialsforwriters. com.

Carry on, My Writing Colleague. You got this!