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Hello, My Writing Colleague,

Follow the formatting and sentence structure with your own words about your own story, and you’ll have a proper fiction book query letter.  Start at the top with 1″ in margins.

John Smith, editor
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Dear Mr. Smith,

My 64,000-word novel, This Time, is a character-driven, suspenseful, paranormal romance in the same mold as Nora Robert’s The Key Trilogy, but with a reincarnation twist.

Lady Natalie Dowling is to make her debut in London, which she could care less about until the Earl of Westbury saves her from drowning.

After meeting Maxwell Westbury, the Earl of Westbury, Lady Natalie’s independence, and revenge plans hang in the balance.  Dodging getting caught and ousted from polite society, she has to learn to trust in the man that has stolen her heart.

Filled with jewel thefts, murder, reincarnation, ghosts and guardian angels, This Time, follows Natalie through two lifetimes to fulfill her destiny.  That is if they can find each other in time.

This Time is a unique story and would blend nicely with your other titles.  Paranormal romance is listed on your website as a genre of interest which includes titles like The Island of Glass, so I hope this is a good match.

My short fiction has appeared in Ellery Queen Magazine.  This novel has a sequel that I am currently in the middle of the first draft.

Following your guidelines, I have included the first 30 pages.  Thank you for considering This Time.


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