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Hello, My Writing Colleague,

Fiction Magazine Query

Follow the structure format below including making what is being said similar, substituting with what your story is about, and you’ll have a good fiction magazine query letter.

Your margins should be set at 1″ to 1 1/2 inches.

Encl stands for Enclosed and tells the editor or publisher what all is included in your envelope.  SASE stands for the self-addressed stamped envelope, and you would add this to your query and manuscript if it is in the guidelines so the magazine can send your manuscript back to you.

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Jane Smith, editor
Name of Publishing Company
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Dear Ms. Smith,

Please consider the following 800-word story, “The Mystery of the Fuzzy Blue Slippers,” an engaging tale for your young readers to figure out whodunnit.

I have read Magazine’s Title to my children for years, and I feel I’ve written a story that would fit.  I have had my previous short stories published in Magazine Title and Magazine Title.

Thank you for considering “The Mystery of the Fuzzy Blue Slippers.”


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Encl: Manuscript and SASE