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Kindle Kid's Book Creator Software

Hello, My Writing Colleague,

The Kindle Kids’ Book Creator is an excellent FREE tool that allows you to build your book (put the words and illustrations together) and format it for Kindle.

Here are the actual instructions inside of the software ( I copy and pasted so you would be able to read them).Inside Kindle Kids' Book Creator

Ready to Create a Kindle Kids’ Book?
If you want to get started immediately, click the Continue button below. If you want a quick introduction to the process, read on.
You will follow three basic steps as you create your new book:
1. Import Your Cover and Page Images

2. Add Text Pop-ups to Enhance Your Book

3. Preview Your Book and Save for Publishing

Step 1: Import Your Cover and Page Images

To begin creating your kids’ book, you need the following source files:
Your book cover: You have two import methods to choose from:
Make your cover the first page of a PDF file that also contains the pages of your book. When you import the PDF, the Kindle Kids’ Book Creator builds your book in one step.
Import an image file in the .jpg, .tif, or .png format.
The pages of your book: You can import artwork saved as image files (in the .jpg, .tif, or .png formats), or saved as a multiple-page PDF file. Amazon recommends using a PDF because you can import your cover and your pages in one step and the page order is set by the PDF.

TIP: If you plan to import multiple images simultaneously, Amazon recommends that you number your image filenames sequentially because the Kindle Kids’ Book Creator adds images to your book in alphabetical order based on filename. For example, “Page 01.jpg,” and “Page 02.jpg” will produce better results than “Title Page.jpg” and “Copyright.jpg.”
Step 2: Add Text Pop-ups to Enhance Your Book

The pop-up text feature lets your readers double-tap text on the page to display a magnified view of the text. Text pop-ups make your book easier to read and more engaging, and they are easy to create.
If your artwork already includes the text:
Click the Add Pop-up button in the Text Toolbar. A box appears on the page.
Move and resize the box to match the region of the page where you want your readers to double-tap to display the pop-up.
Click the View Pop-up button above the box to open the pop-up and type or paste the text you want in the pop-up.
If your artwork does not include the text:
Click the Add Text button in the Text Toolbar.
Click the text box that appears and type or paste the text you want to add to the page. The same text appears in the pop-up automatically.
Move and resize the text box so that text appears where you want it in relation to the artwork.
Click the View Pop-up button above the box to open the pop-up. Resize or move the pop-up to create the effect you want your readers to see.
TIP: Be sure to preview text pop-ups on different devices before you publish.
Step 3: Preview and Save for Publishing

Your readers will interact with your book on a variety of devices. It is important to preview your book on several devices before you publish. You can then go back to your book and make adjustments. Here’s how:
Choose Book Preview > Create Book Preview.
The Kindle Previewer application launches and displays your book, which includes any text pop-ups that you added.
View your book in Kindle Previewer using the controls on the toolbar.
Remember to look at every page and to try out text pop-ups.
Switch to a different device or reader application by using the Devices menu or the tabs along the top of the Kindle Previewer window.
If you need to make changes to your book, switch back to Kindle Kids’ Book Creator.
When you have made your final changes and are ready to publish:
In the Kindle Kids’ Book Creator, choose File > Save for Publishing, specify a name and location, and click Save.
On the Kindle Direct Publishing website (, sign in and follow the steps to add a new title.
When prompted to Upload Your Book File on the Kindle Direct Publishing website (, select the file that you created in step 1. The Kindle Direct Publishing website displays the final steps to set pricing and other publication details.
If you have questions while working on your book, choose Help > User Guide for more information.

It’s fun and doable.

Go. Build your kid’s book empire, My Writing Colleague!