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Hello, My Writing Colleague,

Follow the format below for sending a nonfiction book query via email.


Subject Line: Query: Become a Better Writer in 20 Days

Dear Mr/Ms. Publisher’s Last Name,

As a writer of over one hundred articles and a teacher of journalism for ten years, I know first hand that writing is a laborious task and being a good one is even harder.  My proposed title Become a Better Writer in 20 Days: An easy to follow the program to get you writing the good stuff would show multiple ways to improve both in writing speed and quality.

This book has been in the making for quite some time as it follows the way I’ve successfully taught my journalism students.  Past students have come back and told me how the things I taught them made their writing lives easier.

I would be able to market and sell Become a Better Writer in 20 Days to my journalism students as well as through my website and promote it through my monthly e-newsletter that has over 10,000 subscribers.  I think it would sell at retail outlets like Target, as well.

Please contact me for a copy of my full book proposal today.

Thank you for your consideration.


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