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Nonfiction Magazine Query Letter

Page formatting always starts with 1 inch or 1  1/2 margins.  White (90 or 92 brightness), 20 lb., standard use paper will suffice nicely.

James Smith, editor
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Dear Mr. Smith,

There are lots of children out there looking to be actors, and a good audition is key.  The article I have written introduces children to acting auditions.  It offers valuable ideas on where to look for auditions, how to dress and how to prepare.  It also takes the reader step-by-step through the audition process.

As a seasoned child actor’s mom, with access to interview those in my child’s group, I would be able to put real-life thoughts in.  I have a subscription to your magazine for my child, and we read it together.  I feel this would be an excellent fit for your magazine in the adventures section.

This piece would run within your required 400-600 word range with photographs available for an in-the-moment audition visual.

I have been published in [name] and [name].

Thank you for your consideration.  I hope to hear from you soon.



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