Paperback/E-book Formatting

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Hello, My Writing Colleague,

The following is the better and MUCH, MUCH Easier Kindle Ebook formatting steps in Microsoft Word:

  • Click the paragraph symbol (looks like a backward P with two lines) to change the view to show all the formatting characters
  • Make all the chapter headings Heading 1 under styles
  • Justify the whole document
  • Remove all the unnecessary spaces
  • Insert page breaks after the last word at the end of each chapter
  • Create a clickable Table of Contents by linking the page with the chapter in the TOC
  • Save it as a .docx
  • Login into your KDP
  • Upload file
  • Launch previewer to check that it looks how you want it and approve if it is
  • Click Save and Publish in KDP
  • Voila! You’ve published your Ebook!

Go. Write like Crazy and Publish like it’s going out of style. And I’ll take a name drop on your acknowledgment page 🙂