Writing Your Author Bio

Hello, My Writing Colleague,

Yay, you’ve written a piece that gets eyeballs on your work, and now you have to write an author’s bio, ugh.  We all feel this way when it comes to writing about ourselves (okay, maybe, there’s someone out there with full confidence), for the rest of us, here is how you do it.

You only have a small paragraph to tell people who you are, what you do and where to find you and possibly more of your stuff.

  • Typically, your bio is written in the 3rd person, but please follow whatever the publication’s guidelines are.
  • Show you are qualified to write on the subject by telling your readers how you know about the said subject.       That could be through your occupation and schooling (anything above bachelors is worth mentioning) or lifetime hobby, etc.
  • No non-relevant information.
  • Keep your personal info relevant to the topic.
  • Feel free to brag about something else you’ve written or an award that would show you know your stuff on the said subject.
  • And lastly, if you’re a freelance writer, change freelance to something more specific like a financial writer, SEO writer, Minnesota-based author, etc.

You should have more than one author’s bio.  A general one for everything isn’t the best way to serve your reader or your writing career.

Here are a few good examples (me first, of course):

About Melissa Abbott

Melissa Abbott is the lead writer at Essentials for Writers.com.  Her passion for helping writers achieve with their writing flows through in the expert industry coverage she provides.  Melissa has been writing historical/suspense stories with ghosts and past lives in them since 2012.  Her debut novel, This Time, can be found on Amazon.com

Annie Tao is a professional lifestyle photographer in the San Francisco Bay area who is known best for capturing genuine smiles, emotions, and stories of her subjects.  You can visit Annie Tao Photography for more tips and inspiration or stay connected with her on her Facebook page.

About the Author – Chris Atkinson

Chris Atkinson joined ReelSEO in 2011.  He is a longtime film and television reviewer and has almost two decades of experience in the theater industry.  He also writes on his personal blog-http://nymoviereviews.com.  View all posts by Chris Atkinson.

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Go. Write a fabulous author bio (or 2) about your stellar abilities and contributions.